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Welcome to The Influence Factory Webcast/Podcast This program is dedicated to support of helping other professionals develop their Digital Business Influence so that they can deal with a fast-paced growing digital world. We invite new comers and our family of Business Influencers to a place to play and share ideas, questions, tips, and guidance with other Thought Leaders.  



April 24th at 12:00 NOON CDT


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In this Episode, the Team will discuss:

  • Newest updates on social media to be aware of
  • Top trends for Influencer Marketing
  • Tips and tricks to boost your Business Influence
  • Tools that we use
  • Our favorite Influencers
  • and more... 

Influence Factory - Join us Every Wednesday for our Live Online Program

  • Get the latest in Social Influencer News
  • Influencer "Lesson of the Week" - Building Your Personal Brand - Keyword Secrets
  • Featured Influencer Guests Each Week
  • "Ask The Experts" Segment - Get Your Business Influencer Questions Answered
  • Engage and WIN prizes!

WARNING: You will increase your influence by attending our webcast. You will be exposed to leading business influencer news, lessons and special amazing guests who share their influencer experience. You may also win prizes as you engage with us live online. 

About the Influence Factory

Our Program includes educational content, hot topical news stories, exclusive business influencer interviews, fun and games, oh yes, we love to give prizes to those that engage with us on the show and of course in social media.  

While our program airs regularly on Zoom webcasts and Facebook LIVE on Wednesdays at Noon Central, we invites you download episodes on your favorite channel, YouTube, ITunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spreaker and SoundCloud and who knows where in the future!  

We will also provide on location live streams with special guests that we will announce in our community Facebook group Business Influencer Alliance, as well as all Social Jack Channels. Our mission is to help you build your Digital Business Influence with this Podcast as we look Inspire, Educate and Entertain those who are hungry to collaborate in a cool place with cool people! 

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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